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Teeth Whitening means:

Tooth color of the white part of an adult’ eye must be in the same tone of the teeth. But today the teeth is exposed to continuous threat but our habits and environment, it is indeed quite easy that for various reasons our teeth start  to lose its original white color. Tooth whitening, also known as “dental bleaching” is the name given to the process performed on the tooth enamel to re-gain its original white color.There may be many causes of tooth discoloration or any other problem which do not allow to record a perfect  white. Smoking, excessive consumption of coffee and tea, water fluoride ions, substances such as the use of antibiotics can lead to this problem.Tooth whitening is divided into two “office bleaching” and “home bleaching”. Office bleaching method is applied by your dentist and guarantee fast and proper results .Home bleaching is instead performed manually at home without an expert supervision, it is a relatively longer period of treatment and it does not ensure a proper and guaranteed result such as going to a professional clinic. Home bleaching if suggested by a dentist should at least be controlled by a professional doctor in before the use and after it.


Home Bleaching How to Apply?

Although its name may seem like a self-made treatments, teeth whitening method should always be done after the approval and supervision of your dentist. This process consists of  a dental plaque which could be applied on your teeth, passing transparently over the patient’s teeth. This plaque can be protected through the patient’s gums and teeth regain the white gel.

How Long is whiteness?

The treatment will last 1-2 years, after which white will slowly start to lose its pearly color. If you would like to maintain it without going many times to your dentist, then you should reduce the amount of cigarettes, coffee and all of products that cause staining, such as tooth-colored tea.Our teeth are made up of many different layers. These layers are located on the top and brush our teeth when we are cleaning  that one we name it as the tooth enamel layer. Tooth whitening gel are made of specific materials that may be damaging to tooth enamel, if not used it correctly. In this case, tooth whitening gel should be analyzed first from your dentist, undergoing an inspection before it can begin to damage the teeth whitening process is important.There are some issues that need your attention especially after the teeth whitening process, for example you should not smoking cigarettes, or drinking coffee nor tea and neither red wine at least in the very first hours after the operation. You can continue to brush your teeth regularly.

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