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Orthodontic Unit:

The main purpose of orthodontics is to prevent the occurrence of dental, jaw and facial disorders. It is also an area of ​​expertise aimed at stopping, curing the progression of existing disorders and at the same time, providing a good aesthetic function (biting, chewing, speaking, laughing).Smooth teeth and jaws are an integral part of a good face aesthetic and a beautiful smile. Therefore, jaw joint disorders, tooth structure and facial defects should be treated in order to recover aesthetically. At the same time; So that  you can effectively bite, chew and talk. Decreases the susceptibility to gum disease and caries and contributes to healthy teeth and gums. It reduces the occurrence of functional problems such as jaw joint disorders and forms an important part of the treatment of these disorders.

When should Orthodontic Examination be performed ?

Orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age. However, especially if there are problems related to the chin region, children should be examined before they reach full age (10-12 years) in order to benefit from growth and development. Orthodontic examination is very useful for early detection of problems that may impair growth and development in children aged 5-6 years.Protective Orthodontic TreatmentThe aim of these treatments is to prepare enough space for the permanent teeth to last properly. For this purpose, placeholders are prepared to preserve the location of premature lost baby teeth. In addition, it is recommended that children who are prone to dental caries should be followed up by the pedodontist.Preventive Orthodontic Treatment  Various moving devices can be prepared to prevent problems due to factors such as finger sucking and abnormal swallowing which can be listed as bad habits or to save space for permanent teeth.


Fixed Orthodontic Treatment  After the permanent teeth are applied, the orthodontic treatment is now carried out with brackets that stick to the teeth and are not removed during the treatment and the wires passing through these brackets. Some dental disorders allow braces to be applied to the inner surfaces of the teeth, thus being completely invisible (Lingual Orthodontics). Fixed orthodontic treatment can be applied to patients of all ages with healthy teeth and gums. It requires long-term reinforcement with a variety of passive devices and invisible wires from outside to maintain treatment results

Karaca Oral and Dental Treatment Center, Implant Treatment, Teeth Whitening, Canal Treatment, Lamina Porcelain Coating, Ordodontics, Inlay - Overlay Fillings and Cene surgery services are provided.

Karaca Ağız ve Diş Tedavisi Merkezinde  İmplant Tedavisi, Diş Beyazlatma, Kanal Tedavisi, Lamina Porselen Kaplama,Ordodonti, İnlay - Overlay Dolgular ve Cene cerrahisi hizmetleri verilmektedir.

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